About Tony

Tony Lavall is a surrealist artist whose wide ranged skill set has been sought out by collectors and galleries alike. Featured at numerous museums and galleries throughout the country Tony’s work has been well sought out. His works often provoke our understanding of human nature and its complexities with a subtlety that can easily be missed if one isn’t astute in their observations.

A commendable artist, Tony Lavall is revered as a spiritual person who often reflects on the past, the present, and imagines the future. Centered on the ideals of strong morals and values passed down to him by his parents, his jovial disposition is often broken by social injustices and the depravity of mans dual nature. Tony’s deep understanding of the complexities of life and interdependencies of human relationships; God to man, man to God, man to man, and man to mankind, has colored his creativity to render challenging images to his viewers. Even to the degree that one must evaluate their very own nature.

The distorted figures are far more than a demonstration of the artist’s skills but also represent a commentary on the distorted views of this modern society’s morals, values and interpersonal relationships. A Tony Lavall painting challenges the viewer to take closer look at it to discover its symbolism which often depicts situations that are recognizable in the viewers own life. Tony Lavall’s work can best be described as universal concepts that are layered amid introspective points of view.

Captivated by the mental chess game each painting brings about, Tony acknowledges the thinker and the art lover alike, while enjoying their interpretations and commentaries on his art work. As a creative artist, Tony Lavall adds value to our lives by creating paintings that are aesthetically pleasing to the eye, while encouraging the viewer to think and open dialogues which breech subjects that are often withheld in everyday conversations.


  • Understudy to Jung Shin
    January 1981 – December 1982
    Major: Art Impressionism, Photorealism, Portrait, Figurative Artist
  • UC Riverside
    September 1976 – August 1977
    Major: Art History
  • Riverside Community College
    September 1972 – 1973
    Major: Art History
  • Mount San Jacinto College
    August 1971 – September 1972
    Major: Art Study of Human Anatomy


  • 2015
    • 55th Annual Hillcrest Festival of Fine Arts
      • 2000 West Road, La Habra Heights, California 90631
      • 1st and 2nd Place, in the Acrylic/Oil/Pastel Category
  • 2014
    • 54th Annual Hillcrest Festival of Fine Arts
      • 2000 West Road, La Habra Heights, California 90631
      • 1st Place, in the Acrylic/Oil/Pastel Category
  • 2007
    • Colors to Life Beautiful
      • 626 Art Gallery at Studio-B, Los Angeles, CA 90014
      • Exhibited from 12/6/07 – 03/15/08
  • 1999
    • Riverside Art Museum (Three Man Show)
      • 3425 Mission Inn Ave, Riverside, CA 92501
        • 09/18/99. Sponsored by American Express Financial Advisors
      • Tony Lavell’s “A Rose for This a Rose for That”
      • Exhibited with Paulsen’s Primitive Processes
      • Watercolor West XXXI in Memory of Robert E. Wood
      • Monarchy to Modernism French prints of Riverside Art Museum’s Permanent Collection
      • Mary Heussenstamm Multi-ethnic Watercolor Portraits
  • 1996
    • J.W. Vines Foundation Inc.
      • 626 Art Gallery at Studio-B. Los Angeles, CA 90014
      • Silent Auction Benefit Educational & Cultural Awareness in Inland Empire
      • 10/12/96 Donated: Number Edition Prints “The Juggler” and “Preparation”
    • Art 2000
      • 23100 Alessandro Avenue Suite D, Moreno Valley, CA 92553
      • Black History Month Exhibit 01/21/1996
  • 1995
    • “B” Graphics Gallery
      • 23100 Alessandro Avenue Suite D, Moreno Valley CA 92553
      • 10/20/1995 – 10/30/1995 Two Man Show
        • Tony Lavall and Debra Renee Jeter
  • 1994
    • An April Affair
      • 23100 Alessandro Avenue Suite D, Moreno Valley, CA 92553
      • Art 2000 Visual Art Association & Charles Bibbs
      • April 15-30th Inland Empire Artist
      • Tony Lavall, Gene Cook and Berni “E”
  • 1992
    • African American Summer Festival
      • 06/10/92 San Bernardino
  • 1987
    • City Art Festival, Perris
      • 1st Place
      • Painting Entitled “Mrs. Benetta Jones”


  • January 1997 – Images, “The Business Guide to Ethnic Art” Published by B Graphics
  • June 08, 1992 – Daily Bulletin – Entertainment Section Page E-9
  • MVP Graphics
    11929 Baker Pl, Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670

Commissioned Work

  • 2002 – by Nabisco, Warehouse Mural 15x13ft
  • 1968 – by Marshall Pulitz, 48″X36″ Wooden Sculpture


  • Certificate of appreciation – Tadel’s Ethnic Art Gallery
  • Tajudeen Aiyeloja, Curator for the African American Artist Summer Fest, on Behalf of the Rialto/Fontana NAACP.
  • Resolution from Mayor of San Bernardino
Tony Lavall April 2018