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Tony Lavall Art

Artist Statement

Tony Lavall is a surrealist artist whose wide ranged skill set has been sought out by collectors and galleries alike. Featured at numerous museums and galleries throughout the country Tony’s work has been well sought out. His works often provoke our understanding of human nature and its complexities with a subtlety that can easily be missed if one isn't astute in their observations.

A commendable artist, Tony Lavall is revered as a spiritual person who often reflects on the past, the present, and imagines the future. Centered on the ideals of strong morals and values passed down to him by his parents, his jovial disposition is often broken by social injustices and the depravity of mans dual nature. Tony’s deep understanding of the complexities of life and interdependencies of human relationships; God to man, man to God, man to man, and man to mankind, has colored his creativity to render challenging images to his viewers. Even to the degree that one must evaluate their very own nature.

The distorted figures are far more than a demonstration of the artist’s skills but also represent a commentary on the distorted views of this modern society’s morals, values and interpersonal relationships. A Tony Lavall painting challenges the viewer to take closer look at it to discover its symbolism which often depicts situations that are recognizable in the viewers own life. Tony Lavall’s work can best be described as universal concepts that are layered amid introspective points of view.

Captivated by the mental chess game each painting brings about, Tony acknowledges the thinker and the art lover alike, while enjoying their interpretations and commentaries on his art work. As a creative artist, Tony Lavall adds value to our lives by creating paintings that are aesthetically pleasing to the eye, while encouraging the viewer to think and open dialogues which breech subjects that are often withheld in everyday conversations.

Tony Lavall